Cheap Places to Stay at in New York

Cheap hotels are hard to find in New York City, mostly because travellers are willing to pay good money for comfortable lodging in the Big Apple. However, you can still find incredible places to stay in New York that won’t cost you the moon.

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Awesome B&B is a rare find in Brooklyn, being as artsy and quirky as a boutique hotel, but not as expensive. It's a short walk from subway stations linked to Manhattan, and you can choose from 6 B&B rooms, with themes like “Sun on the Beach” to “Gothic Nights,” and “Dragon Palace.” It has 2 shared bathrooms which are clean and stocked with shampoos and soaps; breakfast consists of fruit, croissants, and coffee or tea. Although not as spacious as a hotel, all in all, Awesome B&B is a backpacker’s dream lodge.

Jazz-on-the-Town is a former townhouse converted into a hostel; prices are so cheap, that it seems out of place in the Upper West Side, where accommodations are expensive. In Jazz-on-the-Town, you will find small rooms with 4 to 6 bunk beds, as well as private bathrooms. They have a basement bar and computers and Internet access, a storage room for baggage, and laundry facilities; the only downside to this budget lodge is that it is frequently crammed compared to the uptown hostels nearby.

The Big Apple Hostel, located right in Midtown New York, is a relatively basic, 7-floor lodge for travellers. Dorm rooms are carpeted, have 4 bunks each, and nothing else; private rooms, on the other hand, include cable TV, a safe, and a hanging rack. You also have a kitchen area, as well as a very cheerful and accommodating staff. Despite minimal amenities, the Big Apple Hostel is clean and safe, and is one of the best, cheap New York hotels.

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