Learn About Cheap Places to Stay Anywhere in the UK

There are a variety of cheap places to stay anywhere in the UK if you are on vacation, traveling or on business. Types of lodging include bed and breakfast establishments, hostels, hotels and even apartments for rent. Travelers can research a variety of cheap places to stay anywhere in the UK by searching online. Sites such as Budget Places, Visit London and Lodging World provides resources and recommendations on the many cheap places to stay anywhere in the UK.

Kings Hotel

Rates range from £31 up to £344 per night. Kings Hotel is a 10 minute walk from the train station. It is set along the seafront. Staying at this hotel offers daily breakfast. The meal includes fresh berries, pancakes and grilled fish. Shops and the Brighton pier is only minutes away.

The Grosvenor

Prices at the Grosvenor start at £154.80 per night. This hotel is located near the Victoria train station. The hotel has 357 rooms. There are 3 suites and 9 deluxe king size rooms. The Grosvenor is considered a luxury hotel, however, the cost is fairly low in comparison to other luxury hotels. According to VisitLondon.com, this hotel has a AA rating.

Croydon Court Hotel

Croydon Court has a 3-star rating. It is located very close to the business and shopping centers of London. It is in walking distance of the train. Pricing at this hotel is £32 per night. According to the online site, Budget Places, the hotel offers WiFi Internet access, a television lounge, wheelchair access, breakfast and public parking.


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