Renting Cheap Personal Lease Cars in the UK

The best way to get cheap personal lease cars in the UK is to use a comparison website. The best website for this purpose is carrentals.co.uk. All internet users need to do is go to the site and enter their age, location and the dates they want the rental car for. The website will then search over 4000 providers to get the best deal. For example on the 8th of July 2011 a 30 year old driver could get a basic rental car for as low as £34.97 per day in London. The lowest price premium car is rented for £130.34 in the London region. These prices are much cheaper than the ones holidaymakers will find if they go directly to the website of a well known rental company.

In an ideal situation buyers would check the price at a few different comparison websites before they made a booking. The rates will vary throughout the day and some websites will offer cheaper deals than another depending on what is available at the time. A few other websites holidaymakers can use to do some comparison shopping is skyscanner.net, expedia.com and kayak.com.

Lastly buyers should make sure that they make the most of any rewards program they take part in. Some rental companies will be able to give points to credit card reward systems or air points. These points can later be sued towards flights, free upgrades on flights, accommodation and even discounts on rental cars.

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