The best cheap parking options at Dublin airport

The cost of car parking at Dublin airports can add up to give massive bills but you can do a few things to ensure you get the best prices and the cheapest parking available.

The easiest solution to high parking costs is to remember is to use short term parking for stays of less than two hours.


This costs €7.50. A single days stays in the long term parking can cost as little as €5.50 per day if booked online but normally costs €7.50 per day so therefore for stays over three hours in length it makes most sense to use the Long term Car Park.


For a person making a day trip from Dublin airport parking between 7am and 8pm this simple solution could save €34.50 and represents the best cheap parking options at Dublin airport. Also right now Dublin Aiport is offering two weeks for the price of one via the above link which represents a 50% saving.

Booking online is recommended for use of the long term car parks in Dublin airport to ensure the best prices.

Another option for travelers looking for cheap parking at Dublin airport is to use one of the many park and ride facilities located close to the airports facilities. Websites such as QuickPark.ie offer significant savings when booked online.

QuickPick.ie, ParkSmart.ie and AirportParkingIreland.com all offer massive savings with online offers from as little as €4 per day for long term parking.

Our advice is to shop around the links provided to find the best offer for you.

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