Get Cheap Car Parking at Bournemouth Airport

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Bournemouth Airport boasts two fantastic car parks for customers to choose from and guests that book their stay in advance can secure their airport parking at great prices. With prices starting at just £29.99 per week there is sure to be a deal available that’s right for you! So if you are planning on leaving your vehicle at the airport then find out more about securing cheap car parking at Bournemouth airport:

Bournemouth airport has two separate car parks. Car Park 1 is conveniently located immediately adjacent to the terminal building. Guests that wish to use this use this car park are advised to book in advance to secure the best possible rates! Car Park 2 is also available and allows customers the chance to pay at the gate. This car park is also within walking distance of the terminal building and is usually less expensive if guests have not pre-booked. Prices will also vary depending on the length of stay. Here is some information on the turn up and prices for a short stay in car park 1. This car park is ideal for drop offs and collections:

  • Up to 30 minutes £2.50
  • Up to 1 hour £3.60
  • Up to 2 hours £5.50
  • Up to 3 hours £6.10
  • Up to 4 hours £7.50
  • Up to 5 hours £8.20
  • Up to 6 hours £9.30
  • Up to 7 hours £10.40
  • Up to 8 hours £11.20
  • Up to 9 hours £11.80
  • Up to 10 hours £12.50
  • Up to 11 hours £12.70
  • Up to 12 hours £13.00
  • Up to 18 hours £15.00
  • Up to 21 hours £16.00
  • Up to 24 hours £17.00

However if you book in advance you can stay in this car park for under £30 for an entire week so if you are planning a long term or short term stay then we recommend that you book in advance to get the best deal possible on cheap car parking at Bournemouth airport!

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