How to book cheap parking at Bournemouth Airport

There are two car parks at Bournemouth Airport (referred to as Car Parks 1 and 2) which both offer long-term parking facilities, although Car Park 2 is closed during the winter months. Car Park 1 offers designated spaces for those who possess disabled parking permits.

It is possible to simply turn up at the airport and pay for your stay at the ticket machines on your departure. The cost depends on the number of days you have kept your car at the airport, although the daily rates are not consistent for the first 15 days, and increase with relatively random jumps. 4 days cost £39.00, for example, while 6 days cost £55.00 and 7 days £65.00.

To really save money and find very cheap parking at Bournemouth Airport, however, it is necessary to pre-book your parking arrangements online on the Bournemouth Airport website (http://bournemouthairport.com).

If you book early enough, you can find deals for a week's parking for under £30, less than half of the price you would pay if you choose to purchase your ticket on the day you leave the airport. These deals are snapped up quickly, and can increase in price as availability narrows. If you have a firm idea of your plans, act now and book before the places are taken

If you are looking for short-term cheap parking at Bournemouth Airport, simply to collect someone arriving on a flight or see them off, and you do not plan to stay for a long time, you must still buy a parking ticket. It is not possible to do this for free at Bournemouth Airport.

There is a short stay area in Car Park 1, immediately adjacent to the terminal, where such payments can again be made at the automatic ticket machine when you leave. The rates again increase in a haphazard fashion depending on the number of hours you stay, with 30 minutes available for £2.50 and 1 hour for £3.60.

If it is necessary stay for several hours, it is worth consulting the Bournemouth Airport website and checking the hourly rates, noting the hours which incur the greatest increases in cost, and trying to manipulate your stay accordingly.

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