Find out here how to find cheap package hols to the sun!

The best thing about summer has to be escaping everyday life and jetting off to the sun with the family for a well deserved break! If you are still looking for cheap package hols, you should check out thomson.co.uk. They are one of the UK's leading suppliers of package holidays and they have a wide range available.

Buying a package holiday means less stress and more time for fun! Flights, accommodation and transfers are included and you also get access to a holiday rep free of charge who can advise you on what to do in the area. To get the cheapest possible holiday you should look under the late deals section of thomson.co.uk. Booking a cancellation holiday can save you up to 80% on the original price of the trip.

There is an excellent deal for a package holiday to Majorca for 2 people. You will stay at the 3 star Aparthotel Playa Mur which is part of the Thomson family resorts programme. The hotel has great facilities for kids and has a nightly entertainment programme designed to entertain the whole family! The hotel is situated on a splendid beach and your room will have a balcony with unbeatable views of the island. This package holidays can be yours for just £149 per person including all taxes and charges.

There are hundreds of cheap package hols available for you to look at on thomson.co.uk. Log on now and who knows? Next week you could be in Majorca!

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