How to Get Cheap Package Holidays

When people are booking a holiday they often accept the first price a travel agent gives them. Unfortunately most travelers do not take the time to shop around, haggle or look for cheap package holidays. The average person would be surprised to learn that there are many ways that they can reduce the overall cost of their holiday. Those who are interested in this can read a comprehensive guide on ways to get cheap package holidays on the website Moneysavingexpert.com.

The best way to get a package holiday for a cheaper price than it is advertised for is to haggle with the travel agent. Travelers should first decide where they want to go and what sort of hotel they wish to stay in. Holidaymakers can go to the website Teletextholidays.co.uk to get a location list of all the travel agents that service their area. They should then contact the agents and ask for a quote. If the quote is too high, travelers should advise the agent they were able to get a cheaper quote elsewhere. Some travel agents will discount the rate in order to match the quote straight away while others will ask for a copy of a written quote before they consider giving the traveler a discount. It is important for holidaymakers to know that travel agents are generally willing to negotiate rates with their customers. However most customers are unaware of this and travel agents can often get away with charging full price for a package holiday.

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