Looking for cheap nights away in England

There is so much to do for everyone when looking for cheap nights away in England, weather it be a romantic break away for you and your partner, a day and night away with the kids or just have a party night with your friends.

London is the capital of England; it is a leading global city and the largest city in Europe. London has many types of peoples, religions and cultures, everyone fits in. There are many attractions here for all. London is known for its theatres, museums, cathedrals and galleries. It is it most known for the Tower of London and Big Ben - the two most known landmarks of the United Kingdom. The Tower of London has so much history behind it and is worth the high admission price. The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminister, more commonly known as Big Ben relating to the largest of the clock's bells which strikes on the hour. It is not open to the public but be sure to pass by and enjoy the views. Also experience the The London Eye Classic Red Bus tour which costs £48 and includes a tour around London where you can see The Tower of London, Big Ben, The London Eye and many more. The price also includes a cruise on the River Thamas that passes London Bridge, Cleopatra's Needle and Shakespeare's Globe. Complete your trip and enjoy the views of London from high above on The London Eye, the highest observation wheel. www.premiumtours.co.uk

There are many theme parks and zoos in England to keep the children entertained and for the adults at nigh't time there is some of Europe's best clubs and discos around. Londons nightlife includes dancing, comedy clubs, casinos, cabaret, escort servies. There is wide range to choose form.

Cheap nights away in England can be very reasonable. Going away with the family you can book apartments which charge by the night. This is like just being at home. You have your own rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living area or just want somewhere to lay your head and catch breakfast the following morning. Or looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful? Hostels cost from just £15 per night and hotels cost from £27 per night staying just 15 minutes away from the heart of London at Osterley Park Hotel which is just 8km from Heathrow airport. Facilities include 24-hour reception, bar, car park, Wi-Fi, TV, minibar and even has its own hairdressing salon. There is many types of accommodation to choose from in England depending on what you are looking for and how much you wish to spend on your nights away. Visit: www.travelrepublic/england

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