How to get the best cheap new york breaks in 2012

New York, New York. As the cliche goes its the city so good they named it twice.

Offering amazing landmarks and sight-seeing opportunities with such iconic land marks such as the Empire State building, The Statue of Liberty and Madison Square Garden.

New York offers fine dining, shopping and a night life beyond compare but getting there can be expensive.

With airlines passing on increasing fuel costs and money tighter than ever getting a great deal to New York is more difficult than ever.

When looking for cheap New York breaks for 2012 the thing to keep in mind is to look beyond package deals and investigate flights and accomadation separately.



Skyscanner allows you to search numerous airlines, dates and times to various destinations. This comes especially helpful when searching for flights to New York and its three airports. By booking as soon as possible you can be sure to secure the best prices available which are constantly changing.

Accomodation can be sourced and their prices compared very quickly using HotWire.com.

This company sources room directly from Hotels and allows a last minute booking faclity which ensures the best price possible. Prices can be as low as €105 for a double room in the Madison Square Chelsea hotel.

By sourcing the different parts of your trip you are able to find the best cheap new york breaks 2012.

Finally keep an eye on LastMinute.com for its city break offers. With prices from as little as €770 based on two people sharing for flights and accomodation it represents excellent value for the traveller who wants an all-in-one package.

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