Find Cheap Multi City Flights to the USA from Ireland

There are numerous benefits to multi-city flights. When travelling to another country, you can explore several different places by booking a multi-city flight. Not only is this a terrific way to see different parts of the world, it’s also a wonderful way to save some money. You can visit some of the best tourist areas in the United States by booking cheap multi city flights to the USA from Ireland.

Perhaps you are travelling from Dublin, Ireland to San Diego, California.

  • When taking a multi-city flight, you can choose to stop in New York City for three days—this gives you a chance to explore and see the sights. (Check out What Would You do with 3 Days in NYC? for spectacular ideas on how to spend your time there.)
  • Next, make a stop in Denver, Colorado for two days of skiing on the fresh, clean snow.
  • Leave Denver to arrive in your final destination, San Diego, where you will enjoy the warm California sun for the remainder of your trip.

To book this flight, visit ebookers.com for rates starting as low as £524.80 on a flight leaving Dublin on October 4, 2011 and arriving in San Diego on October 15, 2011.

If skiing isn’t your thing, try a flight from Shannon, Ireland to Houston, Texas.

  • Consider stopping in Orlando, Florida for some time at the Disney World Resort.
  • After you’ve wrapped up your visit at Disney, fly over to Nashville, Tennessee to visit the most famous music hall in the US.
  • Finish up your trip as you arrive in Houston, Texas where everything is Texas-sized, from the skyscrapers to the steaks.

Cheap multi city flights to the USA from Ireland with this itinerary, leaving December 3, 2011 start at only £610.60. Visit JetAbroad.co.uk for more information, or to get rates on flights with different destination cities included.

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