Everything you need to know to find cheap mediterranean cruises in 2011 is here!

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The summer has now officially started and what better way to enjoy it than taking a holiday? Even better than a holiday is a cruise and there are now hundreds of available cheap Mediterranean cruises for summer 2011. If you have never been on a cruise before, you are in for a treat. Imagine sitting back on the top deck, relaxing with a cocktail in your hand whilst taking in the splendid views that the Mediterranean has to offer!

You might not have to just imagine for much longer as with cruisedirect.co.uk you can get cruise deals much cheaper than you think! These luxury cruise ships have everything you could possibly need with many places to eat, drink and have fun on board your ship! Top class entertainment is provided on board and you can dine 24 hours a day.

One of the best Mediterranean cruise packages we came across is the 7 night Mediterranean Medley cruise. This ship sails every second Friday during 2011. This journey will see you visit many exciting cities including:

  • Palma, Majorca
  • Ajaccio, Corsica
  • Livorna, Florence and Pisa in Italy
  • Cannes and Toulon in France
  • Barcelona, Spain

With this package there is plenty of time each day to explore some of these wonderful towns. You will also have time for shopping at each port of call. Prices for this cruise start at just £399 including flights from any UK airport.

To find out more about cheap Mediterranean cruises 2011, simply log onto cruisedirect.co.uk.



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