Cheap long term parking in Dublin airport: Another reason to take that holiday.

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If you are looking to get away for a holiday and don’t fancy taking a taxi or bus to the airport, there is a fantastic and affordable alternative which allows you to arrive in style and comfort. Cheap long term parking in Dublin airport is available at different rates to accommodate the person who wishes to use their own transportation to the airport.

The Dublin airport authority has car parks situated a short distance from the arrivals and departures entrances. The area leading up to the airport is conveniently sign posted in order to guide you to the best cheap long term parking in Dublin Airport. Buses run every 10 minutes from the red and blue car park to terminal 1 and terminal 2. This complimentary shuttle bus has stops at convenient locations throughout the extensive car parks. The website http://www.dublinairport.com provides the traveler with all the information they need.

The long term blue car park and the long term red car park offer cheap long term parking in Dublin airport at different rates to accommodate different needs. You can use the blue car park for €7.50 per day; whereas the red car park will set you back €9.50 per day. Both of these competitive prices can be undercut by paying for your parking online. You will pay only €5.50 per day when you use this facility.

In normal traffic conditions the transfer time from pick up to arrival at your terminal is approximately 10 minutes for the red car park and 20 minutes for the blue car park. Payment of your fee and navigation of the website is made simplistic by the DAA. This cheap long term parking in Dublin airport makes it easier than ever to travel in comfort to the capital’s airport.

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