How to get the best cheap last minutes holidays

Most of the time cheap last minutes holidays will work out much cheaper than if you book your holiday in advance. This year millions of UK citizens will book their flights less than one week before they decide to travel. Many of them will get themselves an excellent bargain due to cancellations and other holidays that simply have not been sold.

Lastminute.com is an excellent place for you to find the most up to date holidays at the cheapest possible prices. They have package holidays to almost every European holiday destination provided by a large range of the UK's most well known travel companies.

They currently have a range of last minute holidays on special offer. Some examples of their current last minute deals are:

  • 7 nights in Port Aventura for 2 adults and 2 children in a family friendly 3 star aparthotel. Flights are available from Manchester or Liverpool and will cost you £499 for the whole family
  • 7 nights in Crete in the 4 star Phaedra Beach hotel. Situated in a busy lively resort, this is an excellent hotel for the younger holiday maker. It can be yours for just £229 per person
  • 7 nights in a 3 star apartment in Tenerife. You will be assigned a hotel on arrival that is of at least 3 star quality. This can be yours for just £210 per person.

There are hundreds more cheap last minutes bargains for you to find. For the most up to date deals, simply log onto lastminute.com.

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