Cheap Ibiza villas to rent

Ibiza is a wonderful part of the world, it is one part of the Balearic Islands and is sometimes referred to as the white island. It has a worldwide reputation for being a huge party town and while that is true there is so much more to Ibiza than that and everybody from the young to the old can enjoy a holiday there.

Ibiza has beautiful world famous Mediterranean beaches, towering cliffs, dense pine forests and mesmerizing sunsets and because of it's perfect climate the opportunity to holiday there in the Winter or in the Summer. Ibiza is also home to some brillaint activities including parasailing, adventure diving excursions and adventurous off-road motorcycle tours and if you decide to go, here we will give you the best deals in cheap Ibiza villas.

Ibizasummervillas.com has some wonderful villas and our first one is the Villa in Ibiza Town. The property is set on three floors and is of a high standard and has it's own swimming pool. It is centrally located and is a one minute drive to the beach and a four minute drive to Ibiza town and sleeps six people. In high season for one week it will cost £3000.

The second villa is perfectly located in Ibiza town with a view over the south of the island. This perfect villa sleeps ten people comfortably and has four different entrances, it is fully stocked with everything you need including a swimming pool and is just a five minute drive from the nearest beach. In peak season this will cost £3900 for one week, this, I think you'll agree is wonderful value for such a beautiful abode. Enjoy cheap Ibiza villas.

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