Find cheap Ibiza holidays

Cheap Ibiza holidays

As Ibiza isn't all that far away it's also not all that hard to travel there cheaply, and one simple method is to travel with 'easyJet', renowned as one of the cheapest UK airlines, they fly to destinations all around Europe, including Ibiza. But they're not just an airline; instead they're a fully featured holiday company, handling hotel bookings as well. They have some great deals wherever you want to go, but as an example they currently offer one weeks stay in a four star hotel in Ibiza for just £122 per person. What's more they also have a lowest price guarantee, so if you do find the same deals cheaper elsewhere 'easyJet' will match them. You can find all their latest offers at easyjet.com.

Lowcostholidays.com is another site you can visit to find cheap Ibiza holidays. As you can probably work out from their name, lowcostholidays.com specialise in, well, low cost holidays, and they have a ton of options for booking a trip to Ibiza. For example, they provide holidays in twenty different Ibiza resorts, let you filter by the star rating of the hotel, or search only for villas, apartments, all inclusive holidays, self catering or family friendly hotels. They have all sorts of other search options as well, like a price slider allowing you to customize the minimum and maximum holiday costs that you want to be displayed when searching. They have some insanely low prices, and once you've found the holiday you want you can book direct from the site, which gives you a further 10% discount than when booking over the phone.

These two sites take all the stress out of booking a cheap holiday in Ibiza, leaving you to focus on the important things like what to pack.

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