Where to find cheap hotels near Edingbourgh Castle.

Cheap hotels near Edingbourgh castle

If you are planning a trip to Edingburgh and are looking for cheap hotels near Edingbourgh Castle then try these sites:

Apex Hotels

The Apex Edingburgh International hotel (apexhotels.co.uk) is situated only a stone's throw away from the Edingbourgh Castle.

This luxury four-star hotel is in the centre of the city surrounded by beautiful and picturesque gardens.

Their stunning and stylish rooms are well equipped with everything you need. Choose from;

  • City rooms
  • Superior rooms
  • Deluxe rooms
  • For all the family

They also have a special offers and packages section where you can get short break deals from as little as £76.00 per night!

The Heights Restaurant and Metro Bar offer spectacular castle views so you can also enjoy the castle from the comfort of this luxurious hotel, whilst indulging yourself in their classic cuisine and entertainment.

To top it all off why not take a relaxing dip in the hotels pool and finish it all off with a soothing sauna!


Booking (booking.com) will provide you with the best choices for accommodation near Edingbourgh Castle.

You can search directly for hotels near the landmark Edinburgh Castle making it quick and easy to see relevant results.

You can then filter the results by, price, distance, stars, reviews and more.

If you are looking for the cheapest option then why not give the Gilmore Guest House a try? Only 0.7km from the castle and rooms only £25.00 for a single or £59.00 for a family of four, you won't find a better deal!


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