Finding cheap hotels near Disneyland Paris

As Disneyland is such a popular place it is no surprise that dozens of hotels have cropped up nearby, and while some are quite expensive there are also many cheap hotels near Disneyland Paris.

The Premier Classe Meaux Nanteuil Les Meaux is situated just ten minutes drive away from Disneyland Paris. It is also one of the cheapest hotels in the area, with double rooms currently available from just £35. The hotel itself is easily accessible from the airport as well as from the A4 and N3 motorways. Unfortunately it is a fairly basic hotel, with no Wi-Fi access or restaurant, but there are several restaurants nearby and if all you want is a place to sleep when not at Disneyland then it does the job just fine.

The Comfort Hotel Lagny-sur-Marne is slightly more expensive at roughly £48 for a double room, but it is also substantially nicer, with free Wi-Fi access, a restaurant and bar with terrace and a variety of other services and facilities. It is also positioned similarly close to Disneyland.

Séjours et Affaires Serris Rive Gauche is an apartment complex rather than a hotel, but it provides furnished apartments with prices as low as £48 per night for a studio apartment. Each apartment is well equipped with a lounge area and TV, kitchenette with a hob, a fridge and a microwave, and an en suite bathroom. They also all have access to free Wi-Fi and are positioned just five minute's walk from a station with trains that go direct to Disneyland.

You can book any of these hotels from booking.com or lastminute.com for cheap hotels near Disneyland Paris.

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