Cheap Hotels in Melbourne

The Atlantis Hotel offers mid-range rooms with delightful views of Telstra Dome and Yarra River. Decked with sleek, low key, designer rooms with minimalist appointments, this low-cost hotel offers subtle lighting and soothing colours in a limited space.

Batman’s Hill is a trendy, boutique hotel with modern, mid-sized rooms. The chic interiors, plush furniture, sweeping staircase, stylish cocktail bar, and nice open spaces give the hotel a comfortable yet snazzy ambience. Standard rooms offer no views but are clean and quiet, while the apartments and Club rooms feature panoramic views, new furniture and more space. The 5 Shilling Bar of the hotel is a good place for some lager.

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The Kingsgate Hotel is a low key, budget hotel right in the middle of the city. Visitors stay because of the hotel’s central location and because of the affordable accommodation. Although the rooms are small, they come with comfortable amenities found in pricier hotels. Squizzy’s Bar-Café is a suitable meeting place for a round or two of pilsen.

The Nunnery is a favourite haunt for backpackers on a budget. The hostel dorms have clean carpets and firm mattresses; the Townhouse sleeps 12 while the Nunnery Guesthouse fits 21. With sweeping staircases, period furniture, religious artwork and ornate stained-glass windows, the hostel promises its guests that the saints will keep them safe and sound while they stay and rest.

The Olembia Guesthouse looks like a boutique bed-&-breakfast but offers budget rooms for backpackers. Rooms are clean and comfy, and are appointed with stylish furnishings atop the basic amenities. The hostel has a spacious courtyard with lush foliage, as well as a roomy lounge. Best room to book is the upstairs family room that has a nice view of the courtyard.

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