Cheap hotels in Istanbul

Looking for a palace of your own, but without a sultan’s resources? There are many hotels in Istanbul, so you can save those precious liras for a trip to the harem.

Hanedan Hotel Istanbul is low-cost and lovely, located in a prime spot for touring, Sultanahmet. With its rooms named after Anatolian civilizations, you can choose one with a view of the sea for a higher price. The terrace overlooks the Marmara Sea, Saint Sophia, and Blue Mosque; you can have your breakfast here too.

Hotel Agan is another choice, located in the Old City of Eminönü-Istanbul, right in the middle of attractions such as the Grand Bazaar and the Underground Cistern. With a hair salon, Wi-Fi access, and a breakfast buffet, get ready to be pampered Turkish-style.

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Adonis Palace Hotel may not exactly be fit for a king, but you get your share of creature comforts in this 2 star budget hotel in Istanbul. Try the seafood at the hotel’s Byzantine Bar and Restaurant, and Turkish cuisine at the Terrace Bar, or the Roof Bar and Restaurant. Located in the fish district of Kumkapi, its streets are alive at night with music and merrymaking. Take in the view from the Galata Tower a few minutes away; this relic of the long-gone Genoese colony is a romantic spot, and is draped with lights on special occasions. Have a Turkish bath in the centuries-old Cemberlitas Hamami, which is also within the vicinity.

Best Western Hotel Amber also lies amidst tourist destinations. A few minutes away from the Ottoman Sultans’ Topkapi Palace, with its courtyards, fountains, and trees, this cheap Istanbul hotel is an Ottoman building itself, dating back from the 19th century.

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