Cheap Hotels in Dublin

When in Dublin, you’ll want to party hard like the Irish, but still have a decent place to crash in and nurse your hangover the morning after. Here’s a list of Dublin hotels where you can stay.

Barnacles Temple Bar House has good dorms with private bathrooms, as well as in-room, storage space for your gear – a rare gem for this backpacker’s home away from home. Barnacles offers bed and breakfast, as well as hot water for showers; the hostel is always busy, because of its prime location in Temple Bar.

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When school’s out, Trinity College rents out the dorm rooms at budget rates for Dublin travellers. The rooms are either spacious, single study rooms, or double apartments with a shared lounge; these all have shower facilities and kitchenettes, while some have washbasins as well. There are newer buildings at the back of the campus that have modern 1 to 2 bed solo apartments, which include a living room and kitchenette. Room rates include breakfast, served at the main dining hall.

When at the city centre, stay at Mercer Court Campus Accommodations; owned and run by the Royal College of Surgeons, here you'll find the most luxurious student apartments.

If you’re in Christchurch, try the Kinlay House Hostel – an old boarding house for boys that has been converted into a traveller’s lodge. They have spacious, 24-bed dorms, as well as smaller private rooms. Located near Dublin Castle and Christchurch Cathedral, the place also has clean kitchens for your cooking needs, as well as a café. Room rates already include breakfast.

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