We try to find you some cheap hotels Galway city centre

Are you thinking of hitting Galway to visit the rugged charms of Connemara? No matter what the reason, a trip to Galway never fails to amaze. It's easily the best small city in Ireland, and there's always something new to be seen or done. Couple this with the charming locals and it delivers an irresistable package!

Securing cheap hotels Galway city centre has never been easier either. There are a number of brilliant hotels offering unbelievable deals right now, so in this blog we've rounded up the best of them so you can get on with planning the things you'll be doing on Ireland's amazing west coast.

Our first suggestion for a hotel is the stunning Clayton Hotel. Situated a convenient five minute drive from Galway city centre, this hotel offers spacious rooms, full spa facilities and swimming pool, as well as a conference centre and gym for the active types. There is complementary internet access and a highly rated restaurant on site. Rooms can be booked at the Clayton for just 70 Euro per person per night.

Another hotel that's popular with tourists is the centrally located Eyre Square Hotel. This fantastic hotel is right at the heart of the action, even possessing its own nightclub in the basement, which you will enjoy complementary access to as part of your stay. There is free internet, and a restaurant on site. Rooms are available here at the weekends starting from 80 Euro per person, we can't recommend it enough, so check it out!

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