Cheap hotels, flights and holidays from Travel Republic

Are you thinking about heading away for holidays but are still deciding where to go? Travel Republic may have the answer for you so here is a list of various cheap hotels, flight and holidays that you can book through them.

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If you are looking only great hotel deals, making your way to Alcudia, Majorca will mean you find them. You can book budget rooms within your price range with one option being the 3 star hotel Majorca Bellevue Club which offers rooms for as low as £8. If staying in Egypt sounds like a more appealing destination, check out the Xperience St. George Homestay in Sharm El Sheikh. Standard rooms here start at £18 and is located near a beach for relaxing on as well as a golf resort.

If finding a cheap flight is what you need, check out the 2 and a half hour flight from Birmingham to Palma (Majorca) with prices starting at just £57. Once you land, you can enjoy the historic sights of Bellver Castle and La Seu. Birmingham to the sunny destination of Alicante (Costa Blanca) makes for another great deal with flights starting at £58 for a flight that takes 3 and 1/2 hours. Alicante is great for market lovers and natural beauty explorers as well as giving you a good dose of sunshine.

For cheap holiday deals, why not head to the States and spend some time in the bustling city of Las Vegas. Perhaps surprisingly, rooms can be found here for as low as £15 per night with flights from the UK starting at £538. If the east coast sounds more tempting, flights to New York for around start at an amazing £305 and you can stay in rooms for as little as £44 per person per night.

Atlantis Apartment in Mugla, Dalaman in Turkey offers rooms starting at £30 and flights for £96 which makes it an ideal destination for those of you looking for a relaxing beach holiday. Located only 60 miles from the airport, these apartments are basic but definitely adequate. Wander around the city and explore this traditional town and historical sights nearby and you can wrap up your days by relaxing in one of the many thermal spas that are available.

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