Cheap and luxury hotels in Australia

If you're travelling in Australia, and especially in the country's major cities, you'll find cheap or luxury hotels in Australia to suit every taste and every budget. Some hotels are a travel destination in themselves; you'll never need to leave!

Melbourne has several beautiful five star hotels. There are grand, historic hotels such as the famous Hotel Windsor, located in the city's centre. Here, you will encounter all the glamour and elegance of another period, alongside all the modern facilities and services you'd expect in a five star hotel. Other five star hotels in the city centre have a different feel, with modern architecture, gyms and swimming pools. Then there is a wide range of moderately priced and budget hotels. It's possible to stay at a clean and comfortable hotel in the centre of Melbourne without blowing your travel budget.

Sydney also has a number of famous five star hotels. Many of Sydney's five star hotels are located in the Rocks area, within easy reach of Sydney Harbour and all the other attractions that the city has to offer. Sydney hotels are known for a modern, elegant style that reflects a beach-side lifestyle.

The budget traveller will also find numerous hotels in Sydney; look at some of the suburbs a little outside the city centre in order to get cheaper prices. Australian hotels generally offer discount packages to clients who book for multiple nights, low season stays, large group bookings or who book at the last minute. Check the internet for good deals.


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