Cheap hotel deals can save you a packet!

Why stay just one night in a hotel when you can really relax for the weekend and spend two nights there for the price of one? That is the offer that Lastminute.com are currently advertising, but don’t delay. It’s a 24 hour only deal and you have to book before 10a.m on Friday the 14th of October. So if you’re online right now, go to lastminute.com and snap up a deal.

For example, stay at the four-star Hotel Turner in Rome on the Via Nomentana from just £147.06 per room. The travel savvy know that decent hotel accommodation in Rome is notoriously expensive, but with a two nights for the price of one offer you can spend a fabulous weekend in the eternal city, arguably at its best in autumn, without breaking the bank. The hotel is air-conditioned, has opulent décor, cable TV and mini-bar.

Alternatively, the four-star Ca Alvise in the heart of Venice, just 20 metres from the famous Fenice Theatre and 200 metres from Saint Mark's Square, is offering rooms from just £66.96. The hotel boasts air-conditioning, free internet, cable TV, complimentary toiletries and more. The vaporetto (water bus) is located just behind the Ca' Alvise, making it easy to explore the city's amazing canals. The city’s high-fashion shopping district is also within easy walking distance of the hotel.

There are hundreds of hotels available in the scheme, both at home and abroad so go to lastminute.com and snap up a deal.

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