Cheap hols to Benidorm this Summer

Benidorm is a beautiful seaside town on the Costa Blanca. Benidorm has been hugely popular with British holidaymakers since the 1970s and it is fair to say that it has gathered a bit of a bad reputation over the years. However, since 2006 the area has been overhauled including a lot of the hotels and apartment blocks and more five star resorts have been built which has not surprisingly put this beautiful town in Alicante back on the map.

There is a vibrant atmosphere in this town, one which young and older holidaymakers will enjoy. Benidorm's beautiful beaches also attract a large amount of Spanish holidaymakers to the area. Benidorm is also a perfect place to travel to if you are looking for cheap hols to Benidorm in the winter.

For Camposol Hotel in Benidorm's Old Town is a wonderful option if you are looking for cheap hols to Benidorm. This two star hotel is priced at £536 per person for seven days. It is located on the beach and is a quiet place, perfect for an older couple or a break away with a partner. This hotel provides a buffet-style restaurant and cafe and a swimming pool.

The Luxmar Apartments are another one of Benidorm's best hotels. This two key resort is priced at £594 per person and is situated in the Rincón de Loix area of the town. Located only 450 metres from the Levante beach and only minutes away from the shops, bars, clubs and pubs of Benidorm and has a swimming pool for children aswell as adults.

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