Are you looking for cheap holidays with free kids places?

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Are you looking for cheap holidays with free kids places? Here's everything you need to know.

Travelling with children on holidays can be extremely expensive. Luckily there are loads of companies offering free kids places on hundreds of destinations this summer and winter. If you’re booking your holiday last minute and are looking for the cheapest possible prices around then check out freechildholidays.co.uk. They have a thorough list of all current holidays where kids stay for free, and they update their website all year around so you can be sure you’ll get a great deal at any time of the year.

First Choice has some great offers at the moment. They have 1000s of free kids places at many of their hotels and holiday villages around the world. All you have to do is check the Free Kids checkbox when you search for your perfect holiday and look out for the Free Kids logo in the search results. This offer is valid on selected holidays departing until 31/10/11 and is available where one child is sharing with two full fare adults, other children must pay the full brochure price. See firstchoice.co.uk for more information.

Thomson holidays are another company with great offers at the moment. They also have 1000s of extra Free Kids places this summer on 20 destinations from Egypt to Cyprus. Thompson claim you can save a massive £500 per couple as you are not restricted to one child per two adults, as you are with First Choice. You can also enjoying further savings by booking online.

So there’s everything you need to know about holidays with free kids places!

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