Looking for cheap holidays to Turkey from Dublin?

Cheap holidays to Turkey from Dublin can be found on a number of websites such as go4less.ie.

If the holiday maker is willing to go at the last minute they can often find particularly good deals. Late deals.ie has a list of cheap holidays to Turkey from Dublin. The website is very user friendly. It is only necessary to type 'Turkey' into the destination and the date you wish to travel. This brings up a list of available holidays and prices.

A check on this website shows, for example, seven nights in the three star Melissa Apartments in Kusadasi for €209 per person. Departure date is Sunday 29th May 2011 from Dublin Airport. The Melissa Apartments is a family run complex with a welcoming holiday atmosphere. Comprising two blocks, overlooking a large pool area, it offers modern, spacious rooms. With lots of day time activities, as well as being accessible to the well known Ladies Beach and the nearby shops, it’s an excellent choice for both families and couples.

Sunway.ie also has late deals available on its website for cheap holidays to Turkey from Dublin. For €359 per person you can get a seven nights package to Kusadasi staying in the 3 star Tropicana Garden Hotel.This is an ideal choice for couples and singles looking for a lively, fun-filled holiday. Renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and laid back style this hotel still offers high standards of service and cuisine and comfortable accommodation. Departure date is 28th May 2011 from Dublin Airport.

This is just a few of the cheap holidays to Turkey from Dublin.

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