Book Your Cheap Holidays to Tunisia 2011

Located between Libya and Algeria, in North Africa, Tunisia is well known for its privileged climate and its long sandy beaches. However, it should not be reduced to just that. The unique charm of Tunisian cities such as Tunis, Sousse or Hammamet with their narrow streets and exotic souks can seduce any traveller. Cheap holidays to Tunisia 2011 are available online for anyone willing to explore this magic land where ancient civilizations (Roman, Punic, Christian) rose and fell. By far, the Muslim Arabs where those who forged the Tunisian cultural heritage and many museums and monuments are now displaying their achievements.

A good selection of cheap holidays to Tunisia 2011 can be found on thomascook.com. For example, for an all-inclusive package to Enfidha, Hammamet, in the middle of September, prices start from £318 per person. Flights from Gatwick are included as well as 7 nights’ accommodation at the DarKhayam Hotel. Land and water sports, pools, bars, Wellness Centre, Turkish bath, daily entertainment and a nearby beach are also available at this 3-star hotel.

Another great value holiday can be booked from lowcostholidays.com. Here, from £382 per person, you can get an all-inclusive package to a 4 star hotel in Sousse. Flights are from Birmingham and the 7 nights’ accommodation at the Riadh Palms Hotel. With a beachfront location, this hotel can offer you everything you may wish for a relaxing holiday. If you are more into sightseeing, you can explore the nearby ancient fort, some Christian catacombs from the 3rd century AD, the archaeological museum from Kasbah or the famous Great Mosque from Medina.

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