Looking for cheap holidays to Greece in August?

Greece is a beautiful and warm country and has many beautiful islands. All depending on what kind of holiday you are looking for, whether it be a quiet relaxing one with your family and children or if you are looking for beaches and parties or both, enjoy the beautiful scenery and also enjoy the lively nightlife. After deciding what kind of holiday you want and where you want to go, firstly look into flights and then accommodation. sometimes booking flights and accommodation separately is cheaper than getting package deals where they might have good cheap holidays to Greece in August.

Ryanair have the best deal flying to Greece depending on what day you go, they fly only on specific days depending on what location you are flying from and to. Flights vary from €168. Website: www.ryanair.ie

Next to find cheap accommodation in Greece. Finding cheap hotels or room in Greece will not be hard as prices are low anyway. Crete and Corfu are the most popular places to visit in Greece. They have beautiful beaches and monasteries and also have plenty of restaurants and bars.

Hotel prices vary on what type of room you want. If you are looking for a cheap August holiday then opting for an all inclusive room maybe an option. All inclusive deals include your room and all food and drinks throughout the day.

Maravel sky is a 3-star hotel situated in the area of Rethymnon, a popular area of Crete. The hotel offers a pleasant family accommodation for all. Their facilities include 24-hours reception, a lounge, TV room, dining facility, and a play ground. The hotel room has a amazing view and the beach is just 2 minutes walk. The quality of the food is excellent. The Maravel Sky Hotel has entertainment nights where they have live music to entertain all the family. Here is the website: www.travelrepublic/MaravelSky

So for you cheap holiday to Greece in August and all inclusive you can get for just €320.

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