Are you interested in cheap holidays to Gambia for 2011?

Gambia is an unforgettable experience. Imagine what you get when you combine some of the world's most gorgeous coastline with an authentic African hinterland. The result is the one of the world's top tourist destinations and with loads of incredible offers on cheap holidays to Gambia for 2011, there's never been a better time to visit.

With this fabulous African gem a mere 6 hour flight from the UK, it's no surprise that many of the UK's top travel agents have fantastic deals on cheap holidays to Gambia for 2011.

Directline-holidays has one of the best offers on Gambia holidays with a 7 night stay in the luxurious Palma Rima resort available for just £337. You'll be amazed at the value you get when you're wandering around the tropical gardens of the resort.

Thomas Cook and Thomson are also both worth checking out for holidays to Gambia for 2011; although it's going to take a mighty effort to beat the Directline-holidays' offer on this one.

So what will you do when you arrive in Gambia? Well, it might be the smallest African country but it's packed with things to do. Animal watching is a hugely popular activity with visitors to Gambia. You can take a boat trip up the Gambia River or wander around the Abuko Nature Reserve, where you're likely to come face to face with everything from crocodiles to lions.

And there's always the pristine beaches of Gambia coupled with the tropical climate, which is the principal reason of travelling to Gambia for many. So go ahead and book your cheap holidays to Gambia for 2011 today.

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