Enjoy cheap holidays to France by ferry

With ferry operators offering very competitive deals on Channel crossings, cheap holidays to France by ferry have become a popular option for the budget-conscious. Take the family car on the ferry and explore the towns and rustic scenery of Picardy and Artois. It's a beautiful and interesting region, with medieval cathedrals and old battlegrounds.

Routes through Picardy

With Calais the landing point for your cheap holidays to France by ferry, it's easy to explore the north of France, a region that is off the usual tourist trails but offers a rewarding variety of experiences.


Cathedrals are one of the region's most consicuous features. The soaring Gothic edifice at Amiens is one of the medieval era's wonders, but there are impressive churches all over the region, notably at Senlis and Arras.


Arras is a fine old city that is an ideal base for exploring Picardy's neighbouring region of Artois. Completely rebuilt after being destroyed by German artillery in the First World War, the central square, the Place Des Héros, is a beautiful, arcaded area full of little shops, quiet hotels and smart restaurants.

Picardy and Artois

Gourmets will love Picardy and Artois. Even the smallest village usually features a superb country restaurant or 'auberge', serving up the robust northern cuisine. The accent here is on dairy produce, cream sauces and hearty stews rather than delicate 'nouvelle cuisine'. A lunch may leave you in need of a little lie down in a meadow.

Visitors may be surprised to find that beer is more popular than wine in this part of France. It is close to that inspired brewing nation, Belgium, and you will find a huge selection of flavoured beers and bottled ales on offer.

Look for special deals to France

Cheap holidays to France by ferry can be even cheaper if you take advantage of the special offers that are available from ferry companies. As they try to compete with the Eurostar and Channel Tunnel, ferry companies are offering some very attractive deals for families to take the car over the Channel.

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