Great Cheap Holidays to Cape Verde in November

Cape Verde is a group of 10 islands and 8 islets in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa. Its islands can be flat and sandy or mountainous and lush. Ancient volcanic activity created this wonderful landscape. With white sandy beaches and great weather year-round, Cape Verde is fast becoming a very popular tourist destination. The islands also offer a variety of water sports, including snorkelling, diving, sailing, fishing and surfing. As daytime temperatures in the UK begin to fall with the onset of winter, Cape Verde’s are soaring as high as 27°C. If you need a good dose of sunshine to perk you up, a cheap holiday to Cape Verde in November could be just what the doctor ordered.

Visiting the Cape Verde Islands

In Cape Verde the most visited islands by tourists are:

  • Sal Island: Here you can enjoy the water sports like wind surfing and diving, or relax on the fine white sand beaches.
  • Brava Island: Just three hours west of Fogo by ferry, it offers hiking trails as well as beautiful beaches.
  • Sao Vicente: This island has old colonial-style buildings from the time of the Portuguese colonisation, and the deep water port of Mindelo.
  • Santiago: Santiago has a rocky plateau known as Platô; the village of Sao Domingos, which is the closest green agricultural valley to the capital; and Tarrafal, an attractive fishing village famous for its beaches. In Cidade Velha are ruins and old buildings overlooked by the hilltop Portuguese fort of Real de San Felipe.

Cheap Holidays to Cape Verde in November

The four-star Royal Decameron Boa Vista Hotel is ideally positioned on the beachfront, boasting panoramic views. It has a full range of amenities, including pools, bars, restaurants and sports and wellness facilities. With all-inclusive, seven-night packages from around £700 per person including flights, this is not only a cheap holiday, it is a luxurious one too.

  • Departure on 7 November 2011, for 7 days: 778 pounds per person, all-inclusive.
  • Departure on 11 November 2011, for 7 days: 747 pounds per person, all-inclusive.
  • Departure on 18 November 2011, for 7 days: 732 pounds per person, all-inclusive.

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