Cheap holidays in the south of France

Cheap holidays in the South of France have all the components to be the best holiday you will ever take. The south of France is basically paradise so it's generally quite dear to go on holiday for the summer. The good news is we have found a website that is offering stunning low cost holidays.

While many people will pay through the nose for a holiday in the south of France you won't have to. Just hit up the 'Direct-Line' holidays page and let's see what they have on offer.

We have done a little digging ourselves and have come up with the deal of a lifetime. Porto Vecchio is a beautiful region in the south of France. It encompasses everything you think of when you picture the south of France. Huge stretches of sandy beaches, a boiling southern sun and the best bars and restaurants.

The best way to go when looking for cheap holidays is by searching for self catered holidays. In this case we have found a beautiful villa with a large kitchen, outdoor pool, barbecue and an outside terrace. It is the perfect location for a family holiday.

The whole package only costs £563 for the parents and two kids. This price is for 7 nights at the villa with access to all the facilities, that is a seriously amazing price. Have a look for yourself and see what you can come up with.

When it comes to cheap holidays in the south of France you just can't beat the Direct-Line website for price.


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