Cheap holidays with a low deposit

Finding a really great deal on your holiday is always nice and it seems to make your trip away that much sweeter so today we are bringing you a couple of cheap holidays low deposit. The first holiday destination is the Algarve in the sunny south of Portugal. The weather is always fantastic, the golf courses challenging and enjoyable and the water sports fun. There are plenty of small fishing villages to experience and miles of sandy beach so why not make this spot your next holiday.

Thomascook.com has an offer for the Villa Bela Apartments in Albufeira. It is set in the old quarter of Albufeira and is 500 metres to the resort centre where you will find shops, bars and restaurants and just 350 metres from the beach. There is also a rooftop swimming pool and nightly entertainment. It will cost £259 per person for one week with a deposit of £100.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and regularly features in the top ten places to holiday in the world. You will be struck by the beauty of the architecture. Key point to visit in the city are the vibrant street of La Rambla and the Nou Camp football stadium, home of Barcelona FC.

The Husa Tres Torres is a beautiful hotel set in the Sarria-Sant Gervasi neighborhood which is close to the Nou Camp. This three star hotel features a beautiful restaurant and a friendly atmosphere. Flights and accommodation are £314 for four days per person with a deposit of just under £100 from thomascook.com.

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