Where to Book Cheap Holidays Lastminute With No Hidden Costs

Cheap holidays Lastminute no hidden costs

There are a number of sites online and if you're thinking of taking a last-minute holiday, you should see what's on offer before heading to your nearest travel agent. When you think cheap holidays, lastminute deals with no hidden costs may not come to mind, but these deals could save you the most money.

sunmaster.co.uk is our first stop and this site is a pleasure to use. The clean design and easy-to-navigate layout make it easy to search for the holiday deals you're looking for. You can use the search box on the home page to make a selection. A search for holidays in Malaga, Spain yielded a package that starts at £123.00 per person, and the flight departs from Luton on the 29th of October at 6:30. The return flight is from Malaga on the 3rd of October at 23:20. The next step is to then book the hotel of your choice and the Roc El Pinar Hotel in Torremolinos offers the most affordable deal at £161.00 per person all inclusive. You'll also have the option to select your transfers to and from the airport, and then finally book the entire package online.

Holidays-direct.co.uk also has an easy to use search facility and if you're searching for cheap holidays, lastminute deals with no hidden costs are easy to find here. A quick search for holidays in Alicante departing from Gatwick reveals flights starting at £105.09 per person, and then you're able to choose your hotel by clicking the link next to the flight you'd like to take. The flight mentioned above departs on the 1st of October at 15:25 and returns to the UK on the 8 October at 21:10.

Once you navigate to the page where you'll choose your hotel, you're able to choose where you'd like to stay. The price quoted on this page includes your flight cost, accommodation, airport taxes, and fuel supplements to name a few. The most affordable deal on this site is for Coral beach apartments. A self-catering one bedroom apartment will cost you £274.87 per person, so it's easy to see how these deals can save you money.

Navigate to these sites before you visit your travel agent, and compare prices. You may be amazed at what you could really save!

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