Planning Cheap Holidays In The UK In April

The Isles of Scilly can be an exhilarating and cheap holiday for those who are adventure seekers. With it's clear blue waters and it's abundance of ship wrecks below the surface, the Isles of Scilly are a great destination for divers and snorkelers. Getting to the islands require going by helicopter, plane, or boat.

Warwickshire, a place in northwest London, is where the famous play-write William Shakespeare was born. There are many Shakespeare museums to explore and there are also childrens farms with many fun animals for the children to see.

If you're looking for cheap holidays in the UK in April, but are searching for something a little less family oriented and a little more romantic, The Linthwaite Country House Hotel in Windermere maybe just right for you. With a beautiful view of Lake Windermere and homey boutique, you may never want to leave.

Have an interest in the supernatural? Whitby, a town located on the northeast coast of England, is said to be home to Dracula. There are many interesting stories about the legend of Dracula, and here you can find the truth. A great guide to Whitby can be found here www.dracula-in-whitby.com.

The UK can be one of the most exciting and influential places to spend the holidays. Because of this, finding cheap holidays in the UK in April is rather easy. There are countless things to do and attractions to see. For further information and some more UK holiday ideas you can check www.1001-vacation-ideas.com/england-vacations.html.


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