Cheap Holidays in Skegness While Enjoying Better Than a Hotel Amenities

Skegness is known for its long, wide, clean sandy beach in the district of Lincolnshire, England. It is a premiere location for family vacations and cheap holidays in Skegness. With a lot in the area to do, and the popularity of the resort, finding budget holidays in Skegness may not seem possible.


It isn’t necessary to stay in a hotel for cheap holidays in Skegness. In fact staying in a hotel probably won’t get you one of the cheapest holidays in Skegness. What you need is a camping site, and there are plenty to choose from in town and the surrounding area.

Motorhome or Caravan

This isn’t pitch a tent to suit your budget, but stay in a comfortable motorhome or caravan to save a little money. You can opt to stay in a lovely park-like setting with children’s play areas, tranquil lakes for fishing and usually a pub on site.

With stay planned at a caravan and motorhome park, you’ll have more money to spend on other things besides where you will sleep. You’ll be free to enjoy the animals at the Natureland Seal Sanctuary, Botton’s Pleasure Beach with its roller coasters, merry-go-round and other carnival rides.


Holidays in Skegness start with choosing one of the many caravan and motorhome parks in the area and choosing what you want for your home away from home. These all offer kitchen facilities and sleeping accommodations, and the larger motorhomes usually have their own bathroom.

Prices start at ₤137 for four nights in a two bedroom caravan that sleeps six people. If you are inclined, you can find many places where you can actually pitch a tent for as little as ₤16.50 a night and enjoy a cheap holiday in Skegness. The camping sites in Skegness offer clean bathrooms and shower facilities, as well. Most parks also welcome the family pet. So, check out the listings for the camping sites in and around Skegness and get yourself to the beach!

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