Looking for Cheap Holidays in August 2011 from Ireland? Look no further!

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It's never been easier to find cheap holidays from Ireland with so many great deals on offer. The summer months are the busy seasons but we've found lots of cheap holidays in August 2011 from Ireland for you.

To start - choose what you would like in your holiday - is relaxation priority or is activity key? If it's relaxation you're after then the Canary islands of Lanzarote and Fuertaventura can offer relaxation in the sun at great prices. To travel to Lanzarote return and have 7 nights in self catering accommodation you can pay as little as €250. These two islands offer respite from a hectic lifestyle but with all the top quality, relaxed-dining restaurants you can imagine.

If it's adventure you're lusting after then you could try France and book it yourself. Pick a destination such as La Rochelle on the western coast of France and book your own flights. Flights are extremely reasonable and start from as low as €49.99 return. La Rochelle offers campsite like accommodation with cabins for rent on the beach. The accommodation can hold up to 8 people sharing and each have their own barbeque area. Rent starts from €100 a week. For action you can surf, swim, cycle and kite surf.

So whether you are picking a package deal from one of the many holiday dealers or whether you are going it alone you have so much to choose from. All of the cheap deals are available online and you receive further discounts when you buy online. It's easy to find cheap holidays in August 2011 from Ireland!

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