Cheap holidays to Fuerteventura, Spain 2014

Fuerteventura is one of the most tranquil Canary Islands holiday hotspot just off the African coast. It has a delightful desert-like atmosphere and offers the classic Spanish three S’s of sun, sea, and sangria, not to mention stunning beaches, majestic low-lying mountains, rolling dunes and desert plains. Add to that other attractions like scuba diving, surfing, sailing and excellent shopping opportunities and you have the makings of a splendid holiday getaway in Europe.

If you are wondering where to stay while on holiday here, there are a number of cheap holidays Fuerteventura options 2014 you can try.

Fuerteventura beach holidays

Fuerteventura holidays a best known for their magnificent beaches with over 50 kilometres of golden-yellow and white sands. There are three popular beaches around the resort of Corralejo, which are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. To the south of this resort you can feast your eyes on the magnificent white dunes of the Parque Natural de las Dunas Corralejo.

The northwest coast of Fuerteventura around El Cotillo offers more beaches and coves that are quite popular with people looking for affordable holidays in Fuerteventura. This northwest corner of the island is excellent for kite surfing and windsurfing.

The south coast between Costa Calma and Morro Jable are home to the longest stretches of beaches and, perhaps, the best beaches in the entire island. The region boasts shallow blue-green sea and soft, white sands that make it an absolute paradise for beach lovers.

Fuerteventura cheap holidays resorts

The best cheap holidays Fuerteventura 2014 resorts are well developed with good facilities, including the Costa Caleta resort on the east coast and Jandia in the south. Corralejo resort is another excellent resort offering a relaxing, laid-back, natural vibe and year-round sunshine against the backdrop of scenic expanses of fine, white sand. Best time to visit Fuerteventura any time of year.

Flights to Fuerteventura

There are numerous flights you can take to travel to spectacular, all-year-round sunny Fuerteventura. Flights to Fuerteventura from UK airports typically take between four and five hours, and land in the Fuerteventura Airport (FUE). The Fuerteventura Airport is located about three miles from the island's capital Puerto del Rosario.

The best prices on flights to Fuerteventura can be found online if you compare price offers and book in advance. Online tools like SkyScanner (www.skyscanner.net) can help you find the cheapest flights on offer.

Book cheap holidays to Fuerteventura 2014 packages from leading operators, such a Thomas Cook whose prices start from £234.

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