Cheap holidays from Shannon: fact or fiction?

Cheap holidays from Shannon can be difficult to come by. There aren't that many direct flights from Shannon so there are very little holiday packages available through Shannon. Note that we said very few, not none!

There may not be a lot of holidays that leave from Shannon but the ones that do are fantastically priced. All you really needs is the right website to help you get things sorted and of course, we have found this for you.

Hit up Ireland's favourite 'Club Travel' website. Here you will find all the tools you need to get a great deal on your holidays from Shannon Airport. The website is very user friendly, just click on the 'Sun Holidays' link and we can get started.

From here you can just select Shannon from the drop down menu. Then just select your preferred dates and leave the destination at 'any destination.'  Once you do this the website will put together a list of all the available destinations and prices around your departure date.

We found a holiday for Turkey for 2 adults priced at only €429. That's for flights and accommodation in Turkey all flying direct from Shannon. The good news is you can find even better deals than this so be sure to hit up the website and see what's on offer.

While it can be difficult to find cheap holidays from Shannon the rewards are truly great. There are some amazing offerings online so check out the Club Travel website and get that dream holiday on the cheap!

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