Looking for Cheap Holidays from n Ireland?

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The huge range of holiday destinations from n Ireland's airports is growing all the time which means you have more than enough places to choose from. Hugely popular Spain and the Canary Islands are regular flights from n Ireland and so come at low prices. The choice is massive when looking for cheap holidays from n Ireland.

A good tip, when looking for cheap holidays from n Ireland, is to search through the two top favourites - Spain and the Canary Islands. For the Canary Islands you can go with Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. All of these destinations can still be gotten at greatly reduced prices and make the best bargain when looking for cheap holidays from n Ireland.

Peace Line Tours is a holiday comparison website for n Ireland so you can start your search there. It allows you to search through hundreds of holidays.

For Lanzarote, staying in a three star resort, sleeping up to four adults and return flights and transfers it will cost you £315 per person. You'll be staying in the town of Matagorda in the Playa Pocillos Apartments which is only 300 metres to the beach and 2km to the airport. The quiet resort offers a tennis club, restaurant and swimming pool.

Flying to Spain from n Ireland you can get a package deal from as cheap as £265. Staying in the Costa Blanca area of Spain and in three star accommodation you'll get bed and breakfast as well as return flights and all transfers. It works out at £265 per person and Apartmentos Picasso can sleep up to four adults.

The choice is great and the savings even greater if you're looking for a good deal from Belfast. It's just so simple to find cheap holidays from n Ireland.

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