Want to find cheap holidays from Ireland to Greece?

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Greece is a hugely popular destination with Irish tourists. Every year thousands of travellers descend on the sun-soaked islands and cities of this Mediterranean country, and very few come back with any complaints. Cheap holidays from Ireland to Greece can be booked now with some of Ireland's leading travel agencies.

Falcon Holidays has a couple of deals on cheap holidays from Ireland to Greece that are running now. For just €305, you can spend 7 nights in the beautiful Mika Apartments on Crete.

There's a young and lively ambience at the Mika Apartments and its proximity to the centre of Piskopiano makes it a great choice for those looking to party in Crete. This deal is for holidays departing on July 31, so don't waste any more time and book today.

Zante is another hugely popular Greek island and a place of contrasts. You get the late night clubbing scene in many of the island's towns, while there is also the opportunity to escape everything and lose yourself in the fabulous scenery that Zante is blessed with. You can explore Zante for 7 nights from September 14 with Falcon Holidays for €432.

Sunway also has some terrific cheap holidays from Ireland to Greece available this summer. The splendid Stefani Studios in Crete can be enjoyed for 7 nights between July 31 and September 19 for €359. This family run apartment complex is located just 150 metres from a spectacular white sand beach and provides the ideal base for a memorable holiday in Greece.

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