Book cheap holidays from Ireland in July

Booking cheap holidays from Ireland in July can be a challenge. Once the school hoildays hit, prices fly up and holiday accomodation is booked up quickly. There are some ways around finding a cheap hoilday or a cheap package deal though, here are a few tips to get you on your way to sunnIer climes.

Last Minute Deals

Sites like Lastminute.com list hundreds of cheap deals if you are willing to leave at short notice. When booking holidays with companies that deal with last minute bookings, it pays to be open about where you will go on your holiday. Sometimes a two week all inclusive holiday in Jamaica can cost the same as or less than a one week self-catering holiday on the Spanish costas. Latedeals.ie has an extensive list of last mionute holidays leave leaving from Ireland inclusing 7 night in August for under €300.

Independent Holidays

As the home of budget airline Ryanair, booking cheap holidays from Ireland in July can be easier than anticipated. Booking your own transfers, accomodation and flights from Irish airports like Dublin, Shannon and Belfast separately is often more cost effective than booking a package deal. When you book holidays independently, there are no agent fees to pay meaning that you make a saving, leaving more spare cash to spend on your holiday. Skyscanner.net lists flights from Ireland to Europe during August for as little as €60 return while flights from Ireland to New York can cost as little as €360 return.

Think outside the box

Some places count the summer months as their 'low season' yet you can still have a wonderful holiday. Countries in the Far East have their wet season during summer. By booking holidays to this area in July and August, you can stay in some wonderful places at a fraction of the price that you would pay during winter. Ski lodges in the Alps are also worth considering for a quiet break with wonderful views.

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