Book Ryanair flights for cheap Sardinia holidays from Dublin

Sardinia is a beautiful island with fantastic beaches and towns to explore. By booking budget flights with Ryanair and arranging your own accommodation, you can come up with your own cheap holidays from Dublin.

Ryanair (www.Ryanair.com) flies from Dublin to Alghero in the north of Sardinia, with flights costing from around €40 for the flight from Dublin, and €32 from Alghero. The usual Ryanair add-ons for check-in, EU levies and baggage could add substantial amounts, but if you shop around on the Ryanair site, travel light and are flexible on dates, you can often find a round trip deal that will cost less than €100.

Use the Ryanair hotel facility, or a dedicated hotel booking website like www.hotels.com or www.laterooms.com to find accommodation. Even leaving it to the last-minute you can still find some bargains, like a studio apartment for €360 a week, or a hotel double for €312 a week.

Alghero is a charming port town that gets a little hectic in high summer. It has close historical connections with Barcelona, and some locals would still like to be Catalan rather than Italian. There are relaxed restaurants with views over the harbour, where you can sit with a glass of wine, and watch the pleasure boats.

Take a boat trip to the cave network known as the Grotte di Nettuno. They have been carved out of the cliffs by the tide, and have some spectacular rock formations. In summer the Navisarda company’s cruises drop you at the cave-mouth for a guided tour.

If you want to stay within the tight budget of these cheap holidays from Dublin to Sardinia, save yourself some money by taking the bus from Alghero along the coast to Capo Caccia, then descending the precipitous staircase down the cliff-side to the grottoes.


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