Looking for Cheap Holidays from Cork?

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With more airlines flying from Cork to more destinations than ever it's so easy to find your perfect holiday. We've come up with a list of cheap holidays from Cork for you. So if you fancy some culture in Crete or adventure in the Algarve look no further.

We've picked four different countries to show you that cheap holidays are available in more than one country. Starting with Turkey you can fly and stay here in June for only €290. That price includes all taxes and transfers and you will be staying in the Mandarin Gardens with your own private balcony and terrace. This price is for 7 nights and is self-catering.

Also flying from Cork you can go to northern Italy for a full package holiday for a great price of €300. You will be for 7 nights staying in the relaxing resort of Lake Garda in the Miravalli Hotel. Breakfast is also included in this price as are taxes, transfers and flights. Garda is a sumptious scene with the lake and mountains is beautiful contrast as well gorgeous streets and laneways to wander down and discover.

At €309 for all flights, accommodation, transfers and taxes you can visit the gorgeous island of Crete where you are guaranteed nothing but clear skies and blazing sun. Staying in Koutouloufari in the Dream Studios complex you'll have your own balcony and are only a short walk to the beach.

All package deals are available at Budget Travel and there are so many more cheap holidays from Cork to choose from.

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