Cheap holidays for couples

Couples generally like to explore romantic destinations together while also having the flexibility to let their hair down a little. There are plenty of trips tailored for couples available with all the best travel agents in the UK. Couples are in a great position to get their vacation on for bargain prices thanks to availing of double rooms and booking activities in twos.

You can find cheap couple holidays with each of the operators below with just a little bit of elbow grease and flexibility. You can also choose between all-inclusive packages, full-board, half-board or self-catering with the latter obviously cutting the greatest amount from the bottom line.

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First Choice

You can browse a huge selection of couple getaways at First Choice under their Adult Holiday category. Choose from a break nest to a relaxing pool, a beach holiday or a city break for a spot of culture. They also have a number of more adventurous couple holidays such as clubbing trips to Ibiza or safari trips to Africa.

Low Cost Holidays

Low Cost Holidays have a selection of romantic breaks to cities around Europe as well as beach destinations and resort vacations. The company try to choose couple destinations that do not have hundreds of children running around the resort and therefore carefully select stunning destinations such as Turkey, France, Spain, The Canaries, Andorra, Egypt and Tunisia.


Thompson can also be relied on to cater for all couple holidays with an extra emphasis placed on fine dining and top of the range accommodation. Thomson have a range of romantic destinations in the Canaries, Mexico, Cyprus, Egypt, Morocco, Greece and France leaving from a host of UK destinations.

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