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Cheap holidays

When some people hear the phrase 'cheap holiday' they think of poor rundown facilities or horror stories but this need not be the case if one is prepared to spend the time searching for the right deal. If one wants to travel to warmer climates there are many top-notch package sun holidays available.

When people decide on a cheap holiday destination they generally opt for the old reliables of Spain and Portugal but for a quality, cheaper holiday internationally I would recommend something a little less obvious.Great package deals are available to destinations like Bulgaria or Croatia and also expect lower living costs in the less discovered areas compared to that of Tenerife or the Algarve. Bulgaria and Croatia you say, but what about the beaches? Both countries offer miles of stunning coastlines with top quality resorts to match. Website balkanholidays.co.uk offers 14 nights in a two bedroom apartment fitting six people in the Bourgas Area Resort for as little as £193 per person. Prices inclusive of return flights which depart August 26th and return the ninth of September.

Thomson.co.uk as ever offers the most comprehensive overview of potential destinations. User reviews, photo slideshows and even videos of accommodation is on offer, giving the holiday hunter unparalleled access to information before making a decision. Here they offer seven nights in a Porec, Croatia apartment for as little as £411 per person inclusive of return flights from London and dates at traveller’s discretion.

So when looking for cheap holidays I recommend thinking outside the box a little when searching as the potential rewards are invaluable.

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