Looking for Cheap Holiday Packages from Dublin?

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We have found deals from as low as €199 per person to Gran Canaria from Dublin and this deal includes all flights, taxes, transfers and accommodation. Finding cheap package holidays from Dublin is now easier than ever.

For 7 nights in Spain's beach town of Salou you will pay only €255 for all flights and accommodation. The accommodation sleeps up to three people and offers a pool and direct access to the beach. Also coming in at €255 is a package deal to Turkey's rustic resort of Kusadasi. Here you get three star accommodation for 7 nights and all flights and transfers included. Not only this but breakfast is included. Turkey offers so much in culture as well as climate. You can visit the markets and the baths as well as chilling out by the pool or visiting ancient ruins. Both deals at €255 are absolute bargains.

Next up is Crete which too offers so much in culture as well as fun and frolics. Whether you want to spend the day by the pool or visit nearby islands you cannot miss this deal at only €258 per person which covers flights, transfers and 7 nights accommodation. This deal is in Hersonissos in the Frida apartments so day time and night time can both be fun.

At €269 you can visit Portugal's Algarve and stay for 7 nights in beautiful three star accommodation. These Clube Brisamar Apartments are self catering but have many restaurants and bars nearby.

Whether you're going with a family or a friend or on your own you'll have no problem finding cheap holiday packages from Dublin. All of these deals are with Budget Travel and are for summer 2011 so expect even lower prices if travelling in the autumn.

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