A cheap holiday in UK

A cheap holiday in the UK can be a difficult thing to come by, especially at this time of year. As soon as the summer hits the prices just seem to keep going up. This can make it pretty hard to actually snatch up a decent deal, we have done some routing around though and come up with something great.

When you think of great low cost British family holidays, Butlins has to spring to mind. They have been a favourite family holiday group for ever and they still manage to do some great deals on holidays.

There is nothing worse than going on holidays and having to try to keep the kids entertained. If you pick a location that isn't really child friendly as far as activities go you could have a lot of unsatisfied, hyper-active children bouncing off the walls.

With Butlins all the angles are covered. There is so much to do for both children and adults that you will find it hard to find the time to do everything you want. From shows to waterparks, bars to restaurants, Butlins have a little something for everyone.

We had a look at just a few family packages and found a 3 day weekend holiday for only £40 a head! That is a truly amazing price for everything you will have access to. Choice of accommodation, Splash Waterworld, Funfair, Beach locations, All your entertainment, Kid's favourite TV heroes and loads of indoor outdoor activities all for this set price!

Hit up the 'Butlins' website and see what you can find. We guarantee you will find an amazing cheap holiday in the UK.

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